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So we were gifted this nice box full of oranges. They are delicious, but even after eating on them for most of a week, we’ve barely made a dent. So today us Marmalade day and fresh OJ day. 

All sliced up and ready go simmer for 40 mins. 

3# 12 oz  of sugar is a lot! Candy in a jar.

Whilst simmering the oranges we made juice. And hade a math lesson plus economics for the oldest. 

Here’s Lil Bit making her own glass, totally self serve. 

She likes it. 

Here’s mine in a pretty glass of course. 

Now, back to the marmalade. I’m using Alton Brown’s recipe. 

10 jars of summer sunshine ready for winter’s darkness. 

And I whittled that box of oranges down to this…

So if you come see me this fall/winter I’ll share with you. 


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