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Thing 2 found a single moose shed back in January, I posted about here.

Well, low & behold, he found the other one. Pretty much in the same spot, just deeper in the snow bank, which has started it’s spring retreat So now we’ve got a nice matched pair to do something with!

He said he wants to hang them in his room so I mounted them on a Birch slice. I added some removable vinyl wording and we used them for an interesting display at the Home Show. Now to get them mounted in his room!

The cool things you find in Alaska!

🌨️Snowing some big flakes in mid-April!🌨️❄️
Snow Henge
Comfort food on a cold winter's night. Chicken & andouille gumbo. Mmmm mmm. Spicy goodness.
Well he's finally here!! Old man winter 🥶!
Winter is coming!