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My Biggest Kiddo flew the nest. Feeling a little lost.
It's a stretch to get us all in one shot!

Over the years we’ve had a few visitors, my Mom & Seester, my cousin Shirley, friend Lynn, fake sister Nikki… But as many or more have promised to visit and never have (looking at you Wes!). Always they ask, when should we visit and what is there to do? Of course I always say June is too busy, but come any other time! And there’s so much to do. How much money (or how little) do you want to spend?

Halibut and salmon fishing are always top on people’s lists. Then there’s hiking and camping and sightseeing and hanging out in Homer and on and on.

Locally we have quite a few things as well. Soldotna has a nice little homesteading museum. Plus lots of fishing access. A wonderful park in the middle of town and all summer long the Music in the Park Series, free on Wednesday evenings.

For more local opportunities click here. I advise people to discover things that they might want to do then decide when to come. All too often I’m asked about seeing the Auroras and people have no clue that this is a *winter* activity!

So if you’re planning a visit this year (Thing 1’s graduation??) and are looking for something to do while you’re here, start planning now! Maybe we’ll see *you* soon!