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My last kiddo, the artist formerly known as Lil Mister, has a new name. He has repeatedly informed me that he is Alaska Boy. Thus, he needs no coat, or shoes for that matter, to run amuck in the snow on a warm spring day.

But it’s warm out Mom! And the dogs don’t have shoes or shirts on.

So from now on, I’ll be referring to him as Alaska Boy or, AB for short. Or at least until he informs me that he’s reached Alaska Man status. 😂

Snow is melting, spring is here. Come on summer!
🌨️Snowing some big flakes in mid-April!🌨️❄️
Will the roof unload today??

We had a fun day at Solid Rock’s tubing hill. This hill is so much fun! And with warmer weather and some freezing drizzle it was slllll-iiick.

These kids must have made twenty trips each down and up. Mercy.

Pull rope return just to do it again!
Thing 2 is a pro by now.
Snow Henge
It's been raining for two days. All of the snow on the roof is slowly inching it's way down. Everything is icy. I'm not venturing out today on these slick roads. #hibernationmode #notaniceroadtrucker