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She's not impressed.
Just out for my morning walk.
Brushed him out after a bath.
I will sleep in mom's shoe,

Good things come to those who wait, or so the old proverb says. I’ve been waiting a very long time. 31 years to be exact.

In 1992 I visited Alaska for the first time. Came up with my (then) husband Pete for an epic adventure to see my Dad & experience Alaska. We hiked to Exit Glacier (which was much bigger than it is today), ate barbecued King Salmon, experienced Seward’s Fourth of July celebration, went clamming for razor clams at Clam Gulch, fished for halibut in Resurrection Bay and stayed at his Gray Cliffs cabin.

That’s when I met Fritz, Dad’s husky. He was a large, imposing sort of dog. Dad had psyched me out about Fritz being only his dog and that I shouldn’t try to be overly friendly with him. To let Fritz make friends with me . I think I was low-key afraid of him before I even met him.

Turns out, Fritz was a gentle giant and I fell in love with him and his breed on the spot. My Dad pulled a good one on me!

For years I’ve wanted a husky of my own but timing was never right. I didn’t want one in Kansas or Oklahoma where I felt the dog would be too hot (yes I know people own huskies in warm states, but I didn’t want to). Or I wasn’t ready to have a dog. Or kids were too young, too much work, yada, yada, yada.

May the dreams you hold dearest, be those which come true. The kindness you spread, keep returning to you. – Irish Blessing

I’ve walked by many a “husky puppies for sale” sign at the local Fred Meyer’s parking lot over the past decade. Look but don’t touch. Too expensive. I don’t have time for a dog right now. Thoughts running through my mind, convincing myself to avoid temptation.

Nearly a decade into my Great Alaskan life I was minding my own business, stopping at the local gas station for some propane when I spied a dog sled team in their boxes on the back of a maroon truck. Working dogs. They were happily looking the other direction, paying the cars and people no mind. I called to them and they simultaneously looked at me from across the lot. Smart dogs. Attentive. Beautiful huskies.

I complemented their human as I walked past the pumps, for his beautiful dogs. He thanked me for the compliment then said “you’re not interested in a puppy are you? Or know anyone who is?”

Oh dear.

“Would you like to see them”, the Sled Dog Dude said.

Oh dear.

They were the chunkiest, quietest little balls of fluff I’d ever seen. White with gray markings, white and black and solid white pups, like their mom. Some with blue eyes and some with dark eyes. One little white female with one blue & one dark eye. Oy. No I can’t get one but I’ll take your number if I hear of anyone I’ll pass it along. Thanks & good-bye.

Oh dear

I went home telling everyone about the cute pups. I texted pics even.

Oh dear.

A week passed, I couldn’t stop thinking about the little buggers. I figured by now they’d be all gone and I would have missed my chance.

I texted Sled Dog Dude and asked him if he had any pups left and sure enough he had three, two females and one male.

Oh dear.

I wanted a male. He’s the biggest pup of the litter and all white, just like his mom. Dark eyes. Quiet. A bit shy.

Sled Dog Dude called me last Friday and said the pup was ready to go. So I drove over to pick him up, it was St. Patrick’s Day. What do you name a wee lad you bring into your family of St Paddy’s Day? Why a Gaelic one of course.

Uisce, pronounced “Ishka”, means frozen river or cold wind from the north. And since no one in their right American English speaking mind will pronounce Uisce correctly, we spelled it phonetically.

We are now a two dog family. Panda Bear was definitely not impressed on day one. By day two she had realized the little guy wasn’t going away. Day three she started to entertain the thought of playing with him. And now they are wrestling, sharing toys, food dishes and beds. Although Panda can still jump up onto the bed to escape his little needle teeth from time to time.

Welcome to the adventure! #SledDoglife.

Panda has had too much party.
Party animals in the house.

No dogs we’re harmed in the making of these photos.

Happy New Year y’all. Woof! 🐾

Side-eyeing the camera

Sitting with my Bergie, grooming him, petting him, offering him any comfort I can in his last moments. How many, I don’t know, but I feel that it’s imminent.

I hope that I’ve done right by him. I pray his transition is peaceful. I thank Adonai for blessing our home with His creature.

I’m the type that needs ritual, needs to acknowledge my grief and the life it represents. I found some guidance and comfort here.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –

Anatole France

ETA: my sweet boy Bergie passed over the rainbow bridge about 20 mins after I posted this, about 11:45 pm.

Good night sweet boy.

If I had to pick just one word to describe what Bergie has done for our family it is enriched. He has brought a level of joy and love to us that only a pet can.

Cuddles with Thing 1.

In the beginning days Lil’ Mister was just a rambunctious toddler and pulled, poked and prodded him unmercifully. But Bergie was patient with him and never bit him or scratched him.

Loves from Thing 2

One day Bergie had decided that Lil Mister was old enough to know better and he started to gently protest the pokes and pulls with smacks without claws. These progressed as Lil Mister grew until the claws came out. The rough toddler treatment was curtailed!

Such a pretty boy.

He likes to cuddle at night. He used to sleep with me but when I moved upstairs he started sleeping in the girls’ room, mostly with Thing 1.

He loves those tummy rubs.

He’s not fond of the dog. Not one bit. He’s been tolerant of her but an occasional smack to the nose sends her packing.

Beautiful baby.

He has become such a mainstay in our house, it’s hard to imagine life without him.

But that is what we must do. We got some bad news at the vet’s today and our sweet old boy won’t be here much longer. Leukemia. He’s on respite care essentially. We’re taking it one day at a time and giving him extra special loves and care.

My favorite pic, such a regal boy!

I’m ever so thankful to have the chance to love this cat. To have my kids grow up with him, learn to care for and love him. To be good stewards of one of G-d’s creatures.

It’s never easy to say goodbye. But we’re thankful for whatever time we have left. B’H.

My Little Man is seven today. I can’t believe it!

Somewhere along the way he has lost his little baby face and looks like a growing boy.

Such a cutie pie.

But one thing has stayed the same, there’s always food all over that sweet face when it’s dinner time.

He has sprouted up this summer and is getting taller, soon he’ll pass Lil Bit by. He’s been learning to ride his four-wheeler, and after an initial oops moment, he’s been doing pretty good.

Helmet, check ✅

Alaska boy 💯, winter attire doesn’t require shirts or coats.

This dog tho. These two are quite the pair. There’s no stopping them when they are on a mission. Panda Bear is such the perfect dog for our family and she loves her boy as much as he lives his doggo.

What’s an Alaska summer without some mud, eh?

They may be fewer and farther between but there’s still time for snuggles with Mom. Melts my heart ❤️

Sweet snuggles.

I’m a lucky Mom, two birthday boys in the same month. Party is tomorrow so more pics to come. Happy birthday boys!!