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Tasty, not too sweet
Live Seltzer Grapefruit Clarity Zero carbs, refreshing and delicious.
These are hard to find now that Freddy's discontinued them. But oh so good protein, low-carb snack
Spicy Chipotle, pretty tasty. Not too hot but a nice bite.

I thought I’d give an update since my 30 day challenge. Today it’s officially been three months since I kicked the sugar habit

I’ve continued avoiding sugars. Following a lazy keto style diet with reduced/low carbs most days. I haven’t missed the sugar and have been happy with the keto friendly alternatives. I have enjoyed some blackberries, raspberries and a few strawberries with keto yogurt when I needed a little dessert.

My daily beverages have been coffee with a protein powder, water, unsweetened tea & seltzers. I’ve had three adult beverages over the course of the past two months. Once for Dean’s birthday pizza dinner, I had a gf IPA. Then two weekends back I had an Alaskan Hard Seltzer in their new mango flavor, pretty tasty. And of course a glass of rhubarb wine in honor of Dad, of blessed memory. Can’t skip that. 🍷

I feel pretty good, definitely have more energy. I can tell a marked increase in hunger when I’m eating a lot of carbs. That knowledge makes it much easier for me to keep the carb count lower. And mixing up tasty NA drinks helps keep the beverage doldrums away.

I’m going to continue on for as long as I can. And I’m looking forward to the snow melt and summer activities to come!