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It’s moose season and each year while we’re hunting in search of a legal moose we find projects around the cabin that need to be done. Today we hauled the wood stove out into the deck to sand it down and put a new coat of stove black on it.

The “new to us” stove when we installed it this February.

Since we keep two large water pots on the stove there has been quite a significant exposure to moisture on the stove top. We had a lot of rust to remove. Dean and Lil Mister set out to get as much of it off as possible without a sandblaster.

Sand men

Once we had the majority of the rust removed we wiped it down and allowed it to dry completely before coating with stove polish. Once the polish dried I buffed it in and we wrestled the stove back into place.

Looks like a new stove!

It looks amazing! I’m thinking I’ll not keep the water pots stored on top anymore I’ll just set them on when we need hot water.

I’m glad to have this chore completed before winter!


So much fun. We went out to Dad’s cabin last night. I got to share my Quiet Riot with my Seester.

Me & Cletus by the fire pit.

Then on our way home we spent some time stopping to take pictures and explore. It was great fun.

At Discovery Overlook.

We saw a sow black bear and her cub at Stormy Lake day use area. That was pretty cool.

Mama bear, she hid her cub.

We stopped at an old cabin that’s for sale on the highway near the bluff. I’ve wanted to stop there for years and just never have taken the time.

One acre of scenic bluff view!!

We stopped at Three Bears for a few groceries, and a bear trap.

It was a great day of experiences with my Seester. So thankful for this opportunity.

#thankful #grateful #blessed #seester

Finished!! The building that is. There’s still plenty of clean up to be done this weekend. On to another waiting project.





We’re almost done with this little log tiny house build.

280′ square feet of interior living space. Equal storage space below. 4′ x 14′ of covered front porch. Full service kitchen and 3/4 bath. The customer will be doing the shower at a later date

So much finish work. The bathroom pocket door trim consists of 12 components! All custom made trim, nothing store bought. It’s all Alaskan white spruce. Local logs milled at SND’s sawmill. You can’t get more “Alaskan Made”.




We started a new rec cabin this week. It’s been a long break but I’m back.

This is a 14’×20′ on a picturesque lot overlooking Island Lake.

It’s always exciting to start a new project.

Beams and floor joists on techno metal posts.
Subfloor down.
Temp stairs, door framed and first two logs laid.

Hoping to end the week with three courses of logs done. We’ll see how tomorrow goes!




Well we have the cabin roof decked and tar paper on, then we put in windows and insulated around them yesterday. Shingles are going on today. Once we get the gable ends enclosed and doors on we can put HEAT inside and work in comfort! 🙂 There is much sanding to be done. I finished one wall up yesterday, only 6 more to go inside and then the entire outside of the house. Yes, lots of sanding.

Plus I was able to see four moose yesterday from the job site. I love moose. I don’t think I’ll ever grow weary of seeing those large goofy looking critters!

We finished stacking logs on Tuesday.

Finished walls, 16 courses

Finished walls, 16 courses

The trusses were delivered on Wednesday.

Trusses and roofing materials

Trusses and roofing materials

We got to work immediately setting the trusses. First time I’ve been in on that sort of thing. Wow!

18 Trusses set up, 2 more to go

18 Trusses set up, 3 more to go

It really is beginning to look like a house now.

The sun on the downside

The sun on the downside

A good day’s work.

Cut logs

Cut logs

Logs are milled into squares or rectangles, as in this case.

Logs are milled into straight sided beams.

The floor and door are framed and the logs are going up.

The floor and door are framed and the logs are going up.

This is a portable rec cabin on skids.

This is a portable rec cabin on skids.

As the courses go up, windows are framed in.

As the courses go up, windows are framed in. Windows and doors are set in with slides that allow the cabin logs to shrink without binding the frames.

Almost to the top of the windows!

Almost to the top of the windows!

Adding roof support beams.

Adding roof support beams.

Oh so close to being done!

Oh so close to being done!

Finished rec cabin, complete with deck!

Finished rec cabin, complete with deck!