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Warm gear is essential when building outside in the winter. Some days even double layers beneath your insulated outerwear is essential. Without the insulated gear life is utterly miserable and those work days drag on.

My old Carhartts have seen better days. I’ve been wearing them for five years now I think. They were gifted to me by my friends Sam & Vanessa. They were a real blessing at the time and I’ve been grateful for their warmth.

I’ve patched them and tried to keep them serviceable for a couple of winters now. But the time has come that they need to be retired. These can become spares for the cabin.


I’ve been looking for a good used pair at the thrift stores for some time now to no avail. Even then a pair will be about $40 used. Heavens knows I don’t want to pay Freddy’s price of $200 for a pair! Today when we went for lunch at the local hardware store… Yes, you read that right… They were having a storewide sale and low and behold their insulated gear was included. And they had women’s wear and not just men’s!!

So for a little more than twice thrift price I have a brand new pair of insulated bibs, (that fit right & are long enough) to keep me toasty while working in the snow. I’m so excited! Lots of pockets & a hammer loop too! Woo hoo!

New Ariat insulated bibs, with pockets!!

Plus we had a great grilled panini and homemade soup at the Old Goat Cafe.

Triple blessed.

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