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No rest for the weary. Finished one cabin yesterday and rolled into the new job site this morning. This is a 12′ x 24′ cabin, dry in only. (No interior or finish work!!)

We spent half a day gathering supplies. The rest of the day we set our paver/pier foundation & brackets.

Ready for the floor system.

Then we sized our rough sawn beams and set them into place. Leveled and squared them and cut our rim joist and laid out our joist placement.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Time to clean up and stow our tools. Monday we will knock out the floor joists and blocking. Hopefully getting some sheeting down for the floor too.




My first day went well. It wont take me long to be up to speed, however, punching a time clock will be a change for me after a decade of not having to do so. My trainer is great and I’m going to enjoy working with her, she’s very upbeat and positive. The first three days I’ll be in department with someone, then my last three days this week I’ll be on my own for the large part of the day, on the three busiest days of the week too! Wish me success!!