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Just a hint of spicy, refreshing. My new fave beverage with probiotics.
Satisfied my sweet tooth. Just right, zero added sugar.

We had planned a smallish gathering for the big game today. Our “Souper bowl party” menu included soup, salad, snacks and Sundaes. The Little Mister wanted to be our mix master. But with all the sickness bouncing around our house we cancelled. All the kiddos who are feeling better (the youngest ones) are super disappointed to not have friends and party foods today.

Mom is disappointed too but too tired to put much energy into that disappointment. Mostly I’d just enjoy some uninterrupted sleep. But I’ll put on my happy face and enjoy what we have here together.

All in all we’re on the upswing. The Littles are feeling better. Bigger kids are too but still tired. Dean was the last one to catch on so he’s bringing up the rear. Hopefully by this time next week we will all be ready for some fun!!

So the game will be on later. I’ll throw together a party mix for snacks and brew some iced tea and we’ll make do. I’m not a fan of either team so Eeny, meeny, miny, moe and I’m rooting for the Bengals.

Go not my team!

It’s that time of year, cold & flu season. We’ve been pretty healthy this winter, just an occasional sniffle here and there. But Lil Mister came down with a cold this week and it’s starting to cycle through the rest of the kids.

I’ve used natural/traditional medicine for the past three decades. Spanning herbs, homeopathics, essential oils and good old fashioned remedies like chicken soup for a cold.

I’m not afraid of germs and viruses, typically, being firmly in the camp of “exposure is good for them/us” so I thought I’d share some of my go-tos for my family’s respiratory issues.

*Insert Disclaimer here*

The opinions & information contained in this post are for educational and informational purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice.

~Totally not a doctor

First and foremost, I let fevers run their course. I believe a healthy fever is your body’s best defense. I stay diligent and observant over my littles. I rarely use a thermometer, opting for touch to let me know how they’re doing. If I’m getting concerned I’ll take their temp. I keep them hydrated with clear liquids like water, herbal teas, diluted fruit juice. I keep them covered and warm but not over heated. I’ve been known to employ wet socks treatment for a high fever that’s making me (and them) feel uncomfortable. An ice pack can offer them local comfort while allowing their body to work.

Most Alaskans have Vitamin D deficiency. And Vit D supplementation has been linked to reduced incidence and severity of colds & flu. We regularly consume Vitamin D3 + Vitamin C during the winter months. I have these on auto-ship so we stay stocked up. If one of my littles has the sniffles I add elderberry gummies or syrup. I offer the bigger kids zinc lozenges and oil of oregano.

For sore throats I usually send them to gargle with warm salt water or oil of oregano, depending on age. Rub diluted peppermint & lavender oils on their neck area. Warm liquids like herbal teas or lemon honey water usually offer them some comfort. Plus I keep a variety of lozenges, suckers and cough drops in our “medicine cabinet”.

I have a few EO diffusers in the house but for the youngest I use a little travel model and EOs like peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender.

Mini diffuser

Dry winter air is exacerbated in our climate by heating with wood stoves. Our air inside our home can get so dry it causes nose bleeds. Using a vaporizer next to their beds help moisturize the air. Plus we keep a large crock on the wood stove filled with water to evaporate into the air. I like to keep Thieves oil or On Guard blend in this water pot. The kids also like vapor steam bath or shower bombs.

Current household humidity.

Another important tool for dry sinuses is nasal saline spray. The non-medicated type. If you’re a hardy soul you could use a netipot. That’s a hard sell for my kids but nasal spray is doable.

I like to serve warming soups when they’re sick or sometimes even clear broths if they can’t stomach much food. Also offering fresh fruits and easy to digest foods. Water bottles with a slice of lemon are kept topped off.

Most importantly I encourage them to rest. Even if that means propping them up on the couch in front of the TV and putting on a kid movie. With their water bottle, a waste basket nearby and a box of tissues with lotion. Or letting them sleep in my bedroom with the blackout shades. And of course, staying home when we’re sick.

Now, to keep me onsies as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Taking my supplements, staying hydrated, rinsing my sinuses… Avoiding alcohol, getting rest, eating well… Not much else I can do but pray!

Well, not really the end, to be continued.

I totally made it.

I feel better. And I’m keeping on the wagon!

Yesterday & today I’ve been super hungry. I want to eat all the things. I hope this passes quickly!! Trying to keep myself busy with kids school work and projects to keep myself from eating out of shear boredom.

Thanks for sharing my journey to sugar freedom!

A couple days ago I made some peanut butter date energy balls rolled in grated unsweetened chocolate. My new “not cookies” are pretty tasty. I could get used to this.

With the popularity of keto diets there are so many no sugar recipes these days. And a lot more low glycemic sweetener options too. I’ve got an entire board on Pinterest filling up like a virtual cookie jar. Hopefully this will help me stick to my plan.

These “Snickers” stuffed dates sound amazeballs and I must make them. That’s on the agenda for today.

I finally got that school paperwork caught up, well except for one thing that the oldest male child needs to do. But I’m caught up enough to move on. Next big thing on the paperwork list is starting the dreaded taxes. Oy. With Dean on snow removal schedule still I guess I’ll have time to get started.

Plus doing more hands on school stuff with the littles. Since it’s Monday I was thinking about trying a meatless Monday dinner idea. Maybe a veg curry & rice dish? But those butter chicken ingredients might just trump a veggie meal.

I’ve been avoiding dairy, mostly, for several days. I say mostly because I’ve had a couple of meals with a bit of parmesan sprinkles. Been subbing plant based cheese & sour cream replacements. Just to see if it helps finish cleaning up this excess mucus production.

Speaking of fake cheese, it sure has come a long way. I remember in the late 90s when I first started my dietary journey, vegan cheese was so funky tasting. And it turned to plastic if you tried to bake it on a pizza… 🙄 Now it comes in blocks, slices, shreds and sauces. Plus it melts nicely and offers a close enough mouth feel and taste that I don’t mind it. And most grocery stores stock it. Easy to source is always a plus.

So with a busy day ahead I’d better get to it. One more 🚫 sugar day!

Where have the last four weeks gone? One thing’s for sure, when you start daily chronicling you start to notice little things that you otherwise might not.

For instance, my drinking habits. I’ve noticed that mostly I reach for something else than water to drink out of boredom. I mean, I like water but that’s not all I want to drink all day. So keeping seltzers, iced tea and fresh lemons in the house definitely helps stave off the boredom. For the past month I haven’t really missed alcohol except for #1 on Shabbat with our communal meal and #2 beer with pizza.

I’ve upped my intake of green tea. Previously nill because apparently I was brewing it all wrong.

After following the advice of my friend Jane and my oldest daughter Thing 1, no longer using boiling water, not steeping it too long and also not squeezing the tea bag. Makes a decent cuppa green tea.

Going forward I’m planning a lot more variety to our beverage options that don’t include alcohol. I’ll save that for special occasions!

That’s my number!

Last night was a little rough. I’m not sure if it was the running around all day and not eating regularly scheduled meals or what but I had a huge sweet tooth craving. All on all it hasn’t been so bad so this one caught me off guard. Plus I crashed when I got home, had to take a nap. Yesterday did me in. I need a day of rest.

It snowed again overnight so Dean is back to work. Keeps our bills paid. Shabbat service was cancelled so we’re staying home today.

Three days left, officially. Looking forward to continuing on with only low glycemic “sweets” and mostly trying to stick to fruit sweetened foods. The occasional adult beverage. Just overall making wiser food & drink choices.

Shavua tov!


I’m down to four days!

Another day of snow removal for Dean. It’s been a busy week for me just not what I had planned to be busy at. But time well spent.

Kids got to go to the pool twice this week, which for us is unheard of. But all this running around has me wanting to hibernate.

My sleep schedule, eat schedule, everything schedule is messed up. Trying to get back on schedule for grocery shopping and necessities too. I’d like to go do the shopping locally once every two weeks. Plus a buying club delivery. And not have to do this constant running around stuff.

Here I am still doing well with my no sugar quest tho. I’ve found myself being more diligent in checking labels even for the kids food. Trying to source lower sugar items for all of us.

Just a handful of days left.

25 days! T-minus 5 and counting down.

Well guess what? It’s snowing again! The guys are out hauling snow again today to make room for the snow that’s coming down today.

Such is winter life in Alaska!

All this means I’m home again today! It’s nice to be here and get some extra time with the kids, catch up on domestic things and sleep in a little.

What to do with myself today? I’m going to work on school with the kids. Make some peanut butter date energy balls (more not cookie cookies) and other mundane things.

Had a birthday party and those cupcakes didn’t even catch my eye.