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Go Chiefs!!

We had planned a smallish gathering for the big game today. Our “Souper bowl party” menu included soup, salad, snacks and Sundaes. The Little Mister wanted to be our mix master. But with all the sickness bouncing around our house we cancelled. All the kiddos who are feeling better (the youngest ones) are super disappointed to not have friends and party foods today.

Mom is disappointed too but too tired to put much energy into that disappointment. Mostly I’d just enjoy some uninterrupted sleep. But I’ll put on my happy face and enjoy what we have here together.

All in all we’re on the upswing. The Littles are feeling better. Bigger kids are too but still tired. Dean was the last one to catch on so he’s bringing up the rear. Hopefully by this time next week we will all be ready for some fun!!

So the game will be on later. I’ll throw together a party mix for snacks and brew some iced tea and we’ll make do. I’m not a fan of either team so Eeny, meeny, miny, moe and I’m rooting for the Bengals.

Go not my team!

Best game ever!! Even better that KC won!!