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Initial coarse grind. Apx 10% beef fat added a long with all moose fat

We did the real Alaskan experience last night, pulled an all-nighter in -13° temps quartering a salvage moose. (I posted pics previously.)

Alaska is serious about not wasting game meat. Even salvage moose still has useful meat left after an impact, these animals are just so big. But this poor girls torso was too far gone.

The truck that hit her did not fare well. I hope the occupants are okay.

The best we can do for these animals is make sure they don’t go to waste. The ultimate environmentally friendly action

Alaska Wildlife Troopers website and sign up page.

Comfort food on a cold winter's night. Chicken & andouille gumbo. Mmmm mmm. Spicy goodness.
Whole lemon & onion, halved; fresh sage, thyme & rosemary; dried (homegrown) sage, rosemary & parsley; and half a stick of butter: going inside the bird.

Today is my Grandpa’s birthday. I was always excited to celebrate with him. It meant there would be chocolate cake with pecans and black walnut ice cream or, if Grandma was being especially nice, raisin pecan pie. It was his favorite. I’m pretty sure he’s the reason I love pecans so much.

CEW, 1997

Grandpa’s birthday also meant that Thanksgiving was coming as well as another couple birthdays… It was party time!

Now, back to the raisin pecan pie.

It wasn’t like a pecan pie (my favorite pie) with raisins. No, it was like a funeral pie with pecans. I remember watching Grandma boil the raisins to plump them up. Prepare a double pie crust. Assembling and baking it in her cool old electric range with double upper ovens and a cook top that retracted when not in use.

Grandpa sure loved that pie. I haven’t made one in ages. Actually I’ve only ever made it once IIRC. It’s a lot of work and we’ll, if you’re not a raisin lover, I mean really love raisins, it’s gonna take a while to eat that whole pie by yourself. I don’t have Grandma’s recipe anymore, but here’s a close approximation. Just add a whole bunch of chopped (or halved) pecans.

So I’ll not be making his favorite pie today. Just reminiscing about The Old Codger and being thankful for having experienced life with him.

Rest peacefully Nicky Baby.

These are hard to find now that Freddy's discontinued them. But oh so good protein, low-carb snack
Try this yummy keto mug cake. Top it with a keto cream cheese frosting for an extra decadent dessert!

June is always salmon canning season. It seems a little redundant posting about it. But here goes.

I canned three cases of fresh sockeye salmon for human consumption. I also canned 5 jars for the hound dog. I’ve reserved two gallon bags of scraps, skins and bones for more dog food at a later date. Which should get her a full case+.

For the dog food I simply raw pack meat scrapes, bones, skins and a tiny piece of egg sack, no salt. I process it the same as human food, 11# for 110 minutes. To serve it I open the jar, stir it up and place a couple spoonfuls into her regular dry dog food. It adds flavor and nutrition and she loves it.

I had high hopes of utilizing all of our camp’s fish waste this year but with the crazy schedule and setup that just didn’t happen. I had planned to put a big pot on the fire and just make a soup of carcasses, heads and scraps to cook down and hot pack into jars for the Panda Bear. Maybe next year!

For the human food I filet the skin off my fish and roll the filets into cylinders to place into jars. I put in a little salt, 1/2 tsp maybe. Sometimes I put jalapeno peppers or chipotle peppers like I did this year! Can’t wait to give those a try. On e the canner is full (it holds two cases completely full) I process as mentioned above.

Running the canner at midnight

I’m so very thank for this big ole canner. It’s been very helpful!! I can preserve a lot of food fairly fast. I also prefer it to the lighter weight aluminum canners.