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How is it that we are already 2/3 through with March? The smell of break-up is in the air. Everyone, including the dog, has some measure of spring fever. The seeds are started, foraging lists are made (schedule of foods to be harvested by month) and I’m reminded that I need to do my once a month canning.

Thing 1 and I are working on a project plan for the garden and food production for this season. I’m looking forward to working with her! Plus growing our own veg!

We have oodles and oodles of things to do ’round here as soon as the snow’s gone. Impatiently waiting…

The ultimate Twos day

Nine days in, feeling pretty good. Having fruit yesterday was so nice.

I’ve got the day off from work today while Dean does snow removal, it’s work at home day for me! I’ve got lots of files to upload for the kids’ school. I need to catch up on housework, oy. And it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day. Clear blue skies right now.

I made the salad for lunch that I’ve been talking about, y’all, it was amazing! The picture doesn’t do it justice!

Grapefruit, Avocado & Fennel Salad

Here’s the recipe I actually used. I substituted a pomelo for the grapefruit. It takes a bit for the prep, peeling the pomelo segments. The girls also enjoyed it. I will definitely make this again. I feel like I have a better appreciation for the flavors in this salad after being off sugar for a week.

Dinner tonight will be instapot chili from scratch.

N€rf W@r... Indoor exercise & fun

Today was supposed to be pre-cooking prep and working on kitchen organization. Instead we spent the day rearranging, cleaning and decorating the living room. We made a dent.

Lil Bit did get the cornbread made. Lil Mister was working on prepping his pumpkin, but he gave up so Lil Bit took charge. Thing 1 is working on pie crusts tonight. The rest will be done tomorrow.

Festive window.

Lil Bit was very helpful today. She stayed with me all afternoon and we got it done. So thankful for a helpful child.

#thankful #grateful #blessed

Started the day off with getting our electric service hooked up. Dean worked on sizing joists while I set up our rain shelter and hooked up our temp power outlets.

The mill broke down so Sheldon showed up on the job site to give us a hand. We sailed through setting the floor system and in no time the sheeting was down and BAM!

Look Ma, it’s a floor!

Tomorrow is walls! Woohoo!



That’s how I feel this past week has gone, a busy, buzzy, blur.

We took last Friday off to spend the weekend at the cabin. I love going to the cabin but it requires a significant amount of preparation what with taking six people and a dog. So the day off from building work was spent on prepping work, grocery planning and shopping along with packing food and supplies. Then there’s the loading of the snow machines and gear, which Dean usually takes care of. So not really a “day off” from working.

But when you finally get there, the peace and quiet sets in and all that hustle and bustle is worthwhile. Then it feels like you’re a lazy little bee buzzing leisurely from flower to flower without a care in the world.

Back to work Monday and along came the snow. Dean works snow removal at nights when we’re in a snow cycle. Monday night was snow removal after building that day. Then Tuesday we started at a one hour delay and worked a short day because he had to go in Tuesday night. Weds was another short day and as soon as we got back from work we got a call for another moose salvage, so back out to collect a very young injured moose that had to be put down. Another late night. Moose takes precedence. Dean was supposed to work snow removal that night so Jake filled in so we could get the moose.

Thursday was another “day off” to work up the moose that we’d prepped and quartered the night (early morning?) before. Dean worked snow removal that night and I worked the moose.

Feeling a bit like burning the candle at both ends. Today we’re just wiped out. It’s not productive to try to build in cold temps while also being physically exhausted, neither is it safe. So we’re home again today. I’ll work on canning some of this moose meat, there’s nothing quite as good as fresh canned moose. And maybe take a nap.

I’ve never been more grateful to have so much to do.

A bee’s work is never done. 🐝



Yes, a new job. Haven’t had one of those in a decade! 😉 It’s with a local retail store. I’m looking forward to the experience, definitely will get to know the locals this way!
Speaking of which… the locals are so helpful and generally nice people. I’ve lived in areas where outsiders are simply not accepted, but here it’s not that way. People are friendly, very helpful, courteous and actually a lot of chivalry going on up here.  It’s nice for a change!