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First time I've actually felt a good shaker at the cabin.
It was noticable but not enough to get me out of bed. 😴
Upgraded to a 5.1

This one near Cooper Landing.

Felt more than a 3.5 to me. I expect a slight upgrade on this one.

#earthquake #aklife #shakerattleroll

Just had a little earthquake. At first I thought it was the naughty (more on that later)dog moving the bed (cause it’s Sabbath and I’m resting in late) but no, she was looking at me like “why is bed moving hooman?”

Feel it? Report it!

It was close tho so it got the pull chains swinging on the ceiling fans. And all the kids out of bed. Lol great alarm clock I guess.

#aklife #earthquake #shakebabyshake

I’ve always been a doodler. I remember getting a compliment from my 11th grade geometry teacher for the lovely palm tree doodles on my desk, and the reprimand that the desks are not for art work. If I have a pen or pencil in hand and something capable of inscription, there will be doodles.

My friend Lindsay, who is quite talented, introduced me to the concept of Zentangle and I fell in love with it. So I have been doodling to while away the time and keep my mind occupied. My first creative work in a while.

hand.doodle.signed.AOMMI have a lot to learn about this particular genre of art but learning is fun!

There’s nothing like a 5.5 to wake you up early on Sabbath… 6:16 am. Initially it was recorded as a 5.8 but those scientists always have to downgrade things.

We were in Ninilchik at a friend’s cabin and so were pretty close to the epicenter. It was a moving experience, not scary at all.