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We did the real Alaskan experience last night, pulled an all-nighter in -13° temps quartering a salvage moose. (I posted pics previously.)

Alaska is serious about not wasting game meat. Even salvage moose still has useful meat left after an impact, these animals are just so big. But this poor girls torso was too far gone.

The truck that hit her did not fare well. I hope the occupants are okay.

The best we can do for these animals is make sure they don’t go to waste. The ultimate environmentally friendly action

Alaska Wildlife Troopers website and sign up page.

Got the call for a salvage moose at 12:30. By 2 am had the cow back home. It's currently 6:46 and I'm almost done with this part. Baby it's cold outside. We'll save the rest for another day.
Comfort food on a cold winter's night. Chicken & andouille gumbo. Mmmm mmm. Spicy goodness.
Look at these perfect little snowflakes! ❄️
Outside temps, feels much colder.