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It’s been a different strange sort of three weeks since I started this series. Nothing like I expected for sure but good non-the-less. Having my sister come was certainly a good change of pace. Now life feels slow and dull without her bubbly energy. 🤪 Trying to “go back to normal” is hard. Lol

Coming off the high of her visit to the low of Bergie getting sick has been extra hard. But we’re persevering. One day at a time.

Thing 1 has been helping with Bergie. She’s been assisting with his medication, which of course he hates. She’s also been his preferred company, laying down and cuddling with him. I’m thankful for the help.

Tonight is the blood moon eclipse. We are excited to see and experience this once in a lifetime version. Watching the celestial bodies dance is always awe inspiring. We should be able to see sometime around 9 pm our time.

Many things to be thankful for. The every day things, they’re the most important.

#grateful #thankful #blessed