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Spent the weekend at the cabin. Went out with the idea of working on the deck posts but the frozen timbers were adverse to the idea. So we puttered around doing other things and relaxed a bit.

Dean pulled the leaning support post out from under the sun room and put in a temporary post until next spring. The old log post Dad installed had just rotted off and was skidding off its base.

The moon was so bright Friday night the kids thought it was full! Didn’t need a flashlight to go to the outhouse at night.

Saturday night’s full moon did not disappoint. We sat around the fire and watched the moon rise through the spruce trees.

The kids we’re catching up on LHotP episodes inside while Dean and I enjoyed the fire.

We had a wind advisory for Sunday and it started blowing early. Little Mister got a fright with a tree top breaking off and falling on the neighboring lot.

On our drive out there was a tree down across the road. So we made quick use of the chainsaw and cleared the road.





So we were gifted this nice box full of oranges. They are delicious, but even after eating on them for most of a week, we’ve barely made a dent. So today us Marmalade day and fresh OJ day. 

All sliced up and ready go simmer for 40 mins. 

3# 12 oz  of sugar is a lot! Candy in a jar.

Whilst simmering the oranges we made juice. And hade a math lesson plus economics for the oldest. 

Here’s Lil Bit making her own glass, totally self serve. 

She likes it. 

Here’s mine in a pretty glass of course. 

Now, back to the marmalade. I’m using Alton Brown’s recipe. 

10 jars of summer sunshine ready for winter’s darkness. 

And I whittled that box of oranges down to this…

So if you come see me this fall/winter I’ll share with you.