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Somewhere around this time, half a century ago, my existence in this realm began. Newlyweds and Valentine’s Day and all…

This being a milestone year I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things like accomplishments, unfinished business and future things. Thinky things.

Thinky things.

I like to think about this being the time that my parents were happy.

It was the only time, so far, that I’ve been to Canada. And with Canada’s draconian behaviour of late, I’m not planning on going again.

I was born in the snow and cold. (Well not literally, like my mom was inside the hospital.) But is that why I’ve always loved the snow? Is there a genetic reason why I love the snow? A geographical one? Or just a generic one?

I loved the mountains, even before I ever saw them in person. They were the subject of many of my juvenile drawings and again in my adult art class experience with Beverly years later. Mountains with pine trees with a log cabin. I need to live near them.

My first painting, circa 1993, after my first visit to Alaska.

Is all of this coincidence?

I’ve been on a health kick recently. Which has been building for quite some time. Trying to improve my overall feeling of wellness, increased energy, etc. They all say everything is harder to do after 50, so… Best get to it!

This phase of life has me seeing my first born graduating highschool and eventually moving out on her own. Of course I knew this day would come. I’ve tried teaching her all necessary skills and instilling what wisdom I have to impart. And yet I find myself wondering how we got here, quite so fast. It’s hard for me to imagine daily life without her right here, with me, in my house. At the same time I’m looking forward to having an adult child to experience life with. I’m excited for her and all the new things she will get to experience.

Then the second one will follow in a few years… And before I know it, they all will be out in the big world on their own. Whatever will I do with myself?

Oh, I have plenty of ideas.

But I’ll think about that tomorrow. Along with those other inevitable things I don’t want to think about right now.

So thanks to my Mom & Dad for giving me life. Thanks to G-d for bringing me to this season, and with HaShem’s help, I’ll get through it.

When I checked the mailbox yesterday I found this lovely handmade hat with a fox pom. (By Rachel @Hibernation Textiles) No card (oops, there was a card, I just missed it!), just a surprise gift. I think I know who sent it tho. πŸ˜‰ Sneaky friend.

We hosted our friends last night for New Year’s, it’s become our annual tradition. They stay the night so no one has to drive home late at night in potentially inclement weather or with other unsafe drivers on the road. Then we have breakfast the next day, or lunch perhaps, depending on how long we sleep.

We had so much food last night! Both Mo and I made enough for an army! πŸ˜† But 13 people is not army it seems. Lots of leftovers! But we had the good stuff!

Taquitos, egg rolls, wings, salmon ricotta crostini, buffalo chicken dip, beef Lil smokies, humus, veggies, cheese ball, chips, Texas Caviar, cows in carpets (what the kids have named our kosher hotdogs baked in crescent rolls), cherry bars, peanut butter cookies, candy, pistachio truffles, (with most of it being gluten free) and the drinks…. All the drinks. We had our very own junior “mix master” who whipped up some great mock tails for everyone to enjoy!

Jake came down with the dogs so the pups had a party of their own. Complete with hats and leis. (See previous post!) And after midnight he and the dogs went home (he lives across the street and up the hill).

I made two breakfast casseroles for brunch, a sausage-hasbrown & egg dish and stuffed banana bread french toast. Mo brought zucchini muffins and we had a refreshing peach shrug to drink, which happened to make a good belini with the left over prosecco from midnight! We make do!

We were creative with getting sleeping quarters set up for everyone but we did it! It’s a lot of fun to have our friends over like this. Reserved for special occasions (or very bad weather)!

It’s a great way to start the new calendar year! I hope yours was just as wonderful!

November is over. It feels like it’s just been a couple weeks. Time sure does fly.

In a few minutes it will be December and in no time 2021 will come to a close.

It was a busy month, jam packed with activity and fun! As well as a lot of work (at home) preparing for visits and holidays and such.

I’m feeling blessed. A fullness of love from my Seester’s visit and my Solstice Sisters party for my birthday.

Today will be busy, to say the least. But I’ll take a moment to express my gratitude for those special people in my life. There are many, many people I could name but for brevity’s sake I’ll keep it to two groups!

My kids top the list of course. We have our challenges but each of them brings their own special something to our home. Their creativity, their wit, their uniqueness. I love them so.

Then there’s my bestest friends, my solstice sisters. They make everything right when we’re together. I can’t thank them enough for all the things.

There are others of course, many, which I hold dear. Today will be spent focusing on these blessings and the other 29 days worth of posts that bring joy and meaning to my life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

#grateful #thankful #blessed

Today was supposed to be pre-cooking prep and working on kitchen organization. Instead we spent the day rearranging, cleaning and decorating the living room. We made a dent.

Lil Bit did get the cornbread made. Lil Mister was working on prepping his pumpkin, but he gave up so Lil Bit took charge. Thing 1 is working on pie crusts tonight. The rest will be done tomorrow.

Festive window.

Lil Bit was very helpful today. She stayed with me all afternoon and we got it done. So thankful for a helpful child.

#thankful #grateful #blessed

Yesterday Thing 1 completed her driver’s Ed and passed her driving test! Now we’ll be able to get that real license!! Woo hoo!

Next challenge… Figure out a vehicle for her to drive… Hmmm.

I’m thankful to have someone to send for errands now!!

#thankful #grateful #blessed

This number is one I share with my mom. It’s our special day. Although it’s not today, I’ll go ahead and post about it early, since I’ll be done with my 30 days of Thankfulness series before it arrives!

Around the fire pit with the fam. March 2019

She lives 3,825 miles away from me, give or take a few. Which means we don’t get to see each other frequently. So when we do get to see each other it’s a special event. We haven’t been together for our special day since 2012, the last one before I moved to Alaska.

Red beans & rice. One of the home cooked meals we had.

Last time I saw her was in 2019. We went for a family visit, both mine and Dean’s. Which took us from sea to shining sea. Little mister got to play in the Atlantic Ocean.

That same year I made a solo trip back in August, since Rickerd (my stepdad) was ill. I stayed at her house and it was just me and her for most of the time. My siblings came for visits of various lengths but mostly me and her, her dogs and the spiders.

Roscoe & Lilly

Brown Recluse Spiders had taken up residency in the spare room. I used DE like a priest uses holy water, it was everywhere, to keep those little demons away.

Mom had been keeping Rickerd company in his long hospital stay and was just in need of a respite, and some help with housework.

She had a crazy accident the morning I arrived, so thankful that she nor my sister Mert we’re harmed as a result. It really messed up her vehicle tho.

Where her vehicle left the road.

Consequently we were able to spend a lot of time together. πŸ’—

I’m forever grateful that my Rickerd recovered and we still have his unparalleled wit and wisdom to illuminate our lives. I’m so very thankful to have been able to spend this time with my Mama. Grateful to my brother for fixing her vehicle.And blessed that we share a special day.

#grateful #thankful #blessed

P.S. update on Bergie, the Bergster, old man cat. He’s been doing well enough. Eating a little more now, still hates taking his meds. He’s strong enough to fight like the Dickens not to swallow his pill. Lol He rests most of the day, but usually picks a human to be near. He occasionally hides to be alone.

Today is the anniversary of my grandfather’s birthday, of blessed memory.

He loved pecans so his birthday treat usually contained pecans. Either in the form of a raisin pecan pie, his favorite, or a chocolate cake topped with pecans.

He loved John Wayne movies and I remember watching so many of them that I was surprised to learn there were some I hadn’t seen.

He collected firearms. All types and sorts. I remember watching him disassemble and clean them with fascination. He was so focused and serious. He enjoyed collecting them and target practice. He taught me to say “44 Magnum”, an early addition to my vocabulary.

He tinkered out in his man cave, otherwise known as the carport/garage. I helped him many a time smelt lead for making bullets. I still remember the smell that little crucible put off when it heated the lead.

I used to sit on the steps and just watch him do whatever he was doing. Often it involved WD-40. That smell still takes me back to those wooden steps, sitting with Grandpa.

He always kept a big bottle of Tabasco on his side table. He put it on everything he ate. Therefore, so must I! He also would let an aspirin dissolve in his mouth instead of swallowing it. So I had to as well. One time I saw him drinking apple cider vinegar and, you guessed it, I needed a glass for myself.

He and grandma loved their pets. Over the years there were many. Hinerich, Hinnie for short, the wiener dog was before my time but I heard so many stories of him I thought I knew him. There was Pierre the poodle, the Siamese cats: Sam Ying and Koko Ping, then the birds. They had cockatiels. Three of them. Susie and Toby and the third escapes me. I’m sure my mother or sister will remind me. These birds were so spoiled. I remember Toby sitting on my Grandpa’s fork as he ate. Toby would lean down and nibble a little bite on the way up from the plate! Crazy!

He was a purple heart veteran of WWII. He was opinionated and stubborn. He was my Beanpa, my mentor, my roll model. I loved him so. I remember only twice being in trouble with him. I was crushed. I never wanted to upset him again.

In my mind he was amazing. I know, of course, he was far from perfect. Grandma used to say “don’t speak I’ll of the dead” so I remember the good things and let love cover the other things.

I’m thankful for my experiences with the “Old Codger” (as he called himself). I can still here him call my grandma “Chicken”. He also taught my baby sister Emma to call him “Nicky Baby”. He thought this comic genius.

He held two of my babies before his passing. I’m thankful for the knowledge and wisdom he passed down to me. And for the lessons I learned from him, even the ones not to do. May he continue to rest in peace. CEW.

’97, when he would still get out and about.

I’m particularly thankful for our little faith community. It took me long enough to find them! But I’m so glad for it.

Our Shabbat services are always refreshing. It’s good to fellowship!

It’s a great way to regenerate after a rough week. B’H!

#thankful #grateful #blessed