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The Emergency Orders came out on Thursday, they completely closed our Personal Use Set Net fishery. Devastating to our family. (Pic from previous years.)
From this disintegrating deck...
I dug out apx 16" of soil in order to make a hotbed in our newly renovated greenhouse.
This boy is feeling so much better! Thank y'all for your prayers. We're still on meds but he's eating and drinking normally, life is good.
Alaska wildflower season has begun!
Helping my pup rehydrate. He's on the mend with the help from the great Vet team at Midnight Sun in Anchorage.
Please pray for my pup. Day 3 of suspected bowel blockage and not one of 5 local Vets available. Time is critical.
Happy Birthday Grandma, blessed memory.
She's not impressed.
Being held by his favorite hooman.