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Helping my pup rehydrate. He's on the mend with the help from the great Vet team at Midnight Sun in Anchorage.
Please pray for my pup. Day 3 of suspected bowel blockage and not one of 5 local Vets available. Time is critical.
Being held by his favorite hooman.
False morels, some type from the genus Gyromitra.
Just out for my morning walk.
Had some waste cut-offs from the last job. Decided to repurpose them...

Alaskans know we need to prevent and prepare for wildfires across the state and throughout the season – from the time the snow melts until it falls again. During Wildland Fire Prevention and Preparedness Week (May 7-13), it’s time to remind people of key ways to protect each other and our communities from wildfire dangers.

Don’t let the abundance of winter snow fool you; Alaskans should prepare for wildfire season

Do you or your kids watch YouTube or TikTok? Are you tired of being bombarded with culture de jour that perhaps doesn’t fit into your idea of “wholesome”?

Yeah, me too. So what do we do about it?

I’ve threatened many a time to just turn off the d@mned internet. I get very weary of all the junk I see on the two subscription channels that we have. And the free channels, well, I guess that’s to be expected. But we all know that modern life is difficult without connectivity, and getting moreso. I do long for a simpler existence. Off-grid and disconnected sounds better every day. Except for keeping in touch with loved ones part.

In the mean time, instead of mindlessly scrolling YT shorts I’m trying to focus more on subscribed channels that we know, and content creators that we trust, like The Outdoor Boys and Simple Living Alaska. Positive messages, useful how-to’s and interesting real life is what I aim for. Things that I like and want my kids to watch & learn from. I’ve also been posting more videos to my own channel. Which for now is pretty sparse but hopefully in time will be full of Alaska Life and our weird & wacky unique lifestyle (but not that sort of weird).

Besides my own channel, coming this fall, AB will be officially launching his own YT channel as part of his schooling. He is very excited about this to say the least.

You can sub to my channel here. Peruse a few Alaska videos and let me know what you’d like to see.

I’m also giving Rumble a try, check back in with me to see how that goes!

Six baby Bronze Turkeys to add to the flock.