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Category Archives: Young Living Essential OIls

Sunday night I noticed something in my eye, I couldn’t find it or get anything out, but I certainly felt a scratch. Over night there wasn’t any improvement, my eye was matted and swollen upon waking. I had a few single use Boiron homeopathic drops that I used that day to keep my eye from being so irritated. All day my eye was sore, dry, scratchy and I felt like all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep!  Later, after work, I stopped and picked up some Similisan homeopathic eye drops (it’s awesome that several stores up here carry herbs and homeopathics!). I used them that night and all day Tuesday. My eye felt like there was sandpaper under my upper lid. The drops seemed to help but just didn’t get the job of healing the scratched area done. Weds morning I pulled out my handy EODR and looked up eye injuries to see if I had any oils on hand to help my sore, irritated eye. And of course Lavender was indicated! (It really is the “Jack of all Trades” of oils!) That morning, I rubbed  a drop around my eye, being careful not to get it into my eye. I could feel the vapors going into my eye, not uncomfortable but noticeable. I continued to use the homeopathic drops later that day, but my eye was feeling better. By the next day (Thursday) my eye felt normal and I discontinued use of the drops.  I can’t attribute my healed eye only to the lavender oil, because the homeopathic drops were helpful, but I do feel that the lavender brought a speedier healing for sure!