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10 Anniversary memorial trail ride. 13 sleds, 14 people, 1 dog and an epic ride.

I threw myself a fabulous Hawaii Five-0 birthday party last Sunday. What better way to celebrate than being with my family & friends solving a murder mystery?!? Complete with detective Dan-O to book-em.

In the over-the-top, flamboyant 🦩 fashion of my bestie Solstice Sister Niki, we had all the Chinese Luau decor available. Since Niki couldn’t be here, she determined to help set the mood with all the decor. She’s the best!

We laughed at the number of flamingos in this Hawaiian party decor, I guess some things do get lost in translation. But, none-the-less, flamingos fit my theme, for other reasons. And I enjoyed them greatly. And the pineapples… 🍍 It’s a good thing when your friends know all the right things to make you feel loved!

Mo helped me and my kids decorate, we borrowed a couple more props to make it luau-licious and had a blast.

I made spam musubi, Loco Moco and Shoyu Chicken, with lots of rice and macaroni salad. Had some fruity tropical drinks and a pineapple, macadamia & coconut cake. Mo made some zero sugar key lime pudding that was amazeballs. Niki sent tequila, she knows…

My friends & family really showed me some love! I was blessed with some pretty awesome gifts, all perfectly tailored to this gal. Lots of earrings, long dangling ones, amber ones and seashell ones. Handcrafted cheese and goat milk soaps. Chocolate, coffee, roses and a beautiful cloisonne mezuzah. And two of the best gifts in life, love & laughter. We laughed so hard with the kid’s antics during the murder mystery game. We had a great time!

Missed having my girl here, and of course missed my Mom on our special day. We had a toast in her honor.

I’m feeling so blessed. πŸ’œ 🌴 Thanks to all for the birthday wishes and party fun.

Yesterday, Mark & Laquita invited us out on their boat, the Tallita II, for a day of scenic tours and tubing fun. The weather was perfect and we had a great time.

This was the kids first time going tubing. So we took it nice and easy. They had a blast. Faster, faster was the mantra of the little Mister!.

Sunshine all day.

We had some butterflies join us on the beach. They loved our brightly colored clothes.

The scenery is majestic! Pictures do not do it justice!

Seabirds playing king of the hill.

64Β° air temp. Much colder water temp.
Game time!

Here’s a shout-out to the Dads in our family. Lots of hardworking, fun loving grill master, fish slayers around here.

First, in loving memory of my Dad CNW, of blessed memory, and Richie, aka Rickerd, my awesomest Step-Dad who has the best moustaches. And Dean, my hardworking Man who no doubt will be grilling something this weekend!!

Then there’s my bros: the bio, step and in-laws… Bryan, Matt, John, Bill & Sean. I’ve got a lot of ’em.

Other special dudes and honorable mentions, Mark, Marion, and our SND crew Dads: Jake & Sheldon.

Everyone of these fellas adds something special to our lives & we love them.

Happy Father’s Day from Cohoe Beach!

Listening to my girl play with Mrs Jane, so sweet. πŸ’•