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Daily Archives: October 30th, 2022

Summer and fall have come and gone and we are fully in the grasps of Old Man Winter. Hopefully I’ll have the time to regularly share my Sourdough ramblings now that we’ve slowed down a bit.

Sourdoughs of old times had plenty of things to do to while away the long winters. I’ve touched on a few of them here. But perhaps my favorite is reading. But it seems that a Sourdough might also write a book. I’ve met or interacted with several such Sourdoughs in my little circle (like these folks) with multiple titles published and I’m in awe of their accomplishments.

Besides entertainment there are many reasons to read a book: to learn, to explore, to feel close to someone who is no longer here, to get an understanding. I’m sure there are others but you get the idea. And the drive to share, to leave a legacy, to inform others are no doubt behind some of these words put to paper.

This week I read a new book, written by a gentleman I was privileged to meet a while back. Now I didn’t get to know Larry well but what I did know of him is that he was pleasant, kind, determined (or was that stubbornness? sometimes it’s hard to tell) and quite tall. And as it turns out, a Sourdough from way back.

I met he and his wife Joy while building their lake cabin (we broke ground Jan 6 ,2021). I get to meet the nicest folks doing what I love! And if I’m really lucky, we go on to remain friends!

Larry passed from this life into his rest May 2, 2022. May his memory be a blessing.

Joy was kind enough to share some of Larry’s work with me and I finished the first book this past week. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one.

When Copper Was Gold in Alaska is a work of historical fiction based around the Copper River mining area. Being raised in Cordova & Chitina in the late 1940s, Larry was intrigued with the history of copper mining; it’s effects on the land, the indigenous people of the region, and the future.

This is an area of Alaskan geography and history that I’m interested in exploring! Larry’s book was a perfect introduction for me. Maybe next summer we can visit the Kennecott Mine? In the meantime, I’ll be reading more Alaskan books!