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Monthly Archives: September 2022

It's a stretch to get us all in one shot!
Shana Tovah! May your new year be sweet & full of goodness!
Gilligan's Island debuted on Sept 26, 1963. I watched reruns as a kid in the 80s.
50 Fathoms Gin & Tonic, Alaskan Made!
For real ride or die b/+¢#.

It’s moose season and each year while we’re hunting in search of a legal moose we find projects around the cabin that need to be done. Today we hauled the wood stove out into the deck to sand it down and put a new coat of stove black on it.

The “new to us” stove when we installed it this February.

Since we keep two large water pots on the stove there has been quite a significant exposure to moisture on the stove top. We had a lot of rust to remove. Dean and Lil Mister set out to get as much of it off as possible without a sandblaster.

Sand men

Once we had the majority of the rust removed we wiped it down and allowed it to dry completely before coating with stove polish. Once the polish dried I buffed it in and we wrestled the stove back into place.

Looks like a new stove!

It looks amazing! I’m thinking I’ll not keep the water pots stored on top anymore I’ll just set them on when we need hot water.

I’m glad to have this chore completed before winter!

Sunrise comes and Dean takes off to look for moose. The wind is increasing and the rain is light. There's a nip in the air.