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Modeling her new bandana from Jake.


  1. We are trying to get our life less complicated. LH is 84 now and his health has not been very good for 3 years now. He got rid of all his hunting dogs, his cows, and horses because he no longer was able to hunt the dogs, cut and bale the hay, or ride the horses and the kids never rode the horses anymore, He had a mule that he loved, but couldn’t ride either. He is very hard of hearing also and so he won’t go visit anyone. His recliner has become his best friend and he sleeps a lot in it. We go to the doctors and to church sometimes. Ray and Doug have to do a lot for him to keep up this place. We have 62 acres. I need to go see Lois in North Carolina, She fell and broke her hip and was in the hospital for about 2 weeks then in rehab hospital for 6 wks. She as dementia and Herby says she sleeps a lot. I can’t leave LH very long though and he is my priority. I would have to fly up there, have someone to go with me, and have someone to stay with him. Everyone works except Ray and his wife is having surgery next week, Ray had to retire and get on disability. The doctor would not let him go back to work after his last back surgery. Enjoyed the pictures and updates. Need to go and fix his breakfast. More later.
    Love You’ll. Ellen

    • Been thinking of you lately. Thanks for the update. Will write soon. Love to y’all.

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