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Daily Archives: June 22nd, 2022

First 10 minutes, 3 fish. Incoming tides are where it's at.
Sunrise over the Kasilof

It’s just after midnight. I’m laying here listening to the rhythmic crashing of the waves. My tent softly illuminated with the fading “civil twilight” from the setting sun. Kids are finally asleep. It’s so peaceful.

It’s Wednesday June 22 (my nephew’s birthday!) And we have three days left of this personal use fishery. Later today will be the first time since it started that we get to fish any of the incoming tide. That’s where the fish are, headed to the river on the incoming tides. We get one hour of incoming tide today. Slightly more tomorrow, with the best fishing window on Friday, the last day.

Solstice Sisters’ Setnetters!

I’ve tried not to focus on the negative and lack of fish. But enjoying my Solstice Sisters’ company. Making & eating good food and the best beverages a gal could ask for, and beach ice cream for the kids. Tonight’s served with fresh baked brownies from Mr Jimmy!

Each night Niki fills hot water bottles for each of us to put in our sleeping bags to keep extra warm. What a sweetie.

The fireweed is blooming, summer is here!

Solstice marks the official “winter is coming” season because we’re now losing daylight hours. Even though we have about two months of decent weather left, it will be gone before we know it! So get out in the sun and soak it up! Play in the sea spray. Walk barefoot in the sand. Hunt for some agates and beach glass. Enjoy a margarita with your besties. Live life Alaska style.

Solstice sunset.