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I’ve mentioned previously how local foods were vital to a healthy sourdough’s diet so I’ll get right to the subject of this week’s post: Fiddleheads!

For years Thing 1 and I have been meaning to harvest fiddleheads. And each year we somehow miss the short window of opportunity. But not this year!

Scouting through the woods yesterday I noticed most of the ferns were up and thought I’d missed out yet again. But halfway through our hike I found a bottom area full of fiddleheads. So I refreshed my memory on safe harvesting and planned to go out first thing in the morning to provide the mosquitos breakfast & pick some.

All of the ferns I observed are Lady Ferns. Ostrich ferns are supposed to grow in this region too but I didn’t locate any.

Clump of Lady Ferns

I picked enough to try a batch of pickled Fiddleheads. We’ll see if we like them. Then next year we can harvest more. There’s been no harvest pressure on these ferns plus there’s plenty for us to chose from.

I harvested about half a pound

I sauteed a couple to try them and I love ’em!! Can’t wait to pickle the rest for a longer lasting treat!

I’m going to be in the lookout for Ostrich ferns too.


Click to access Fiddleheads.pdf

Harvesting Wild Fiddlehead Ferns in Alaska

I am a Fiddlehead Forager | INDIE ALASKA


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