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Daily Archives: May 1st, 2022

The weather is holding out a bit longer but the gray sky above the house isn’t promising. We’ve got home improvements to do and gardening prep to absolutely get done today. Winter is coming!

There’s no time for research & writing today, I’ve got other work to do… For starters, replacing a defective upstairs window. We’ve put it off long enough. When you open the existing window the very heavy bottom half falls out. It’s not too user friendly on hot summer days.

That’s 16′ to the bottom of the window, 20′ to the top.

Dean’s on the crazy crew, three stacks of scaffolding…. I’m working from the inside.

New window, slightly smaller due to original being nonstandard size. Making do.

There, that’s better.

Now on to the garden bed building for Thing 1’s horticultural/botany project. She has her garden all planned out. From her 5 raised beds, to potato tire stacks, container blueberries, a new strawberry bed, a second compost bin and the green house space. Next project is to recover the greenhouse with plastic & fix the fence.

Thing 1’s first of five plotted raised beds. It will be hugelkulture style. As soon as the dirt pile is thawed enough to move dirt.

Then to address the annual run off from snow melt that inundates our foundation.

My Lil helper setting our drain system in place.

Lil Mister was a big help today. He shoveled out the ditch right beside me then helped fill it back in.

Covered up.

Whew, I’m tired. It’s time for some R&R, oh wait, I need to go grocery shopping for the next two weeks. Oy. And then cook dinner.

Ok, food is bought, dinner is cooked and I am off duty. Good night folks!