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I hit the jackpot with serranos and red bell peppers in the clearance section. $4 for enough peppers to can up some hot pepper relish.

Relish is a super easy undertaking and great for beginners. I used this recipe.

I chopped all my peppers in the food processor. Added minced garlic, vinegar and water and boiled for 5 mins.

I also tried out my new Tattler lids that I ordered last year. I thought this would be a good batch to test them out on.

I made a small batch of 6 half-pints plus enough left over to blend up into a hot sauce that I’ll just put in the fridge (without canning). Processed for 10 mins in boiling water bath. And voila~easy peasy & done!

Hot pepper relish.

One of my lids didn’t seal, I must have left it too loose. There’s a learning curve with these but I’ll get the hang of it.

With half of the family enjoying spicy foods, this will add some nice spice to the pantry.

To recap my OAMC adventure so far:

Jan~ Turkey soup

Feb ~ Beef stew & Bean soup

Mar~ Mushrooms

April ~ Hot Pepper Relish


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