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Monthly Archives: April 2022

Prepping for high gloss acrylic resin
Our fab four, the Khaki Campbells. Biscuit, Quackers, George Jr & Grapes.

How is it Sunday already? Weekends tend to fly by once the snow starts to melt. So much to do outside, long days and whelp, there’s another weekend gone.

Once winter is gone what do we do? Get ready for next winter!

In the midst of prepping for winter, I stumbled upon a gem of a cookbook.

Along with the book you get a real sourdough starter too!

Of course I just had to add this book to our library. I’m familiar with the author and, true to her style, there are plenty of photos of yesteryear and local Alaskan lore along with delicious sourdough recipes.

Everything you need to know about starting, maintaining and using sourdough. Rising & baking tips, ingredient alternatives and even a dog biscuit recipe! I’m sure Panda Bear will volunteer to taste test.

You can order a copy here.

Normally I don't care for white tea but this one is nice.
Too bad I have to work. 😟
A crystal clear day, calm water out in the inlet. Fishing perfection.