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Daily Archives: March 20th, 2022

How is it that we are already 2/3 through with March? The smell of break-up is in the air. Everyone, including the dog, has some measure of spring fever. The seeds are started, foraging lists are made (schedule of foods to be harvested by month) and I’m reminded that I need to do my once a month canning.

Thing 1 and I are working on a project plan for the garden and food production for this season. I’m looking forward to working with her! Plus growing our own veg!

We have oodles and oodles of things to do ’round here as soon as the snow’s gone. Impatiently waiting…

Such a cute lil turtle toy.
Smokey got a hair brush, nail trim and hair cut in the private bathing suit parts

I met Joe & Nancy during my stint at Central Peninsula Children’s Advocacy Center. They attended CPCAC’s “Grand Group“, a grandparents raising their grandchildren support group. With their quick wits and genuine care for humanity, especially children, I quickly became a fan.

I was enthralled with their tales of homesteading and operating a general store out in the middle of nowhere, north of Fairbanks. The shear strength of character these two have is that of a respectable sourdough quality even before factoring in the foster parenting part.

Knowing the love and compassion they have for children and the efforts they have gone to over the years is simply based on the miraculous.

Nancy has even written a children’s book titled Elliot the Moose. Moose being my favorite creatures automatically made her a star! 🤩 What’s not to love about these people?

My copy of Elliot the Moose

The Carlson’s closed up shop and moved closer to family. Despite the notion posted in this article, they are still around. I hope to see their next book published soon, chronicling their experiences raising their 25 children.

For me, these two are iconic Alaskan Sourdoughs, of which I’m privileged to have met! And they set the bar high for me!