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Daily Archives: March 17th, 2022

Purim 5782.

We had great fun at our Purim Party. Our theme this year was The King’s Garden. Thing 1 won the prize for the Mushroom costume that she made, I was runner up as Mother Nature. Everyone had a lot of fun.

As is our congregation’s custom, the children & teens performed a reading of the story of Esther in play form. It was a grand performance to all of our delight!

With half of our group being some percentage Irish we may also have had some corned beef & cabbage, in addition to hamantaschen and other festive foods. Quite the cultural culinary dining experience.

The drive home was full of discussion for next year’s costume ideas! We enjoy the creativity of making our own costumes! The hard part is always picking just the right one!

The Mushroom 🍄 Queen.
Alaskan Irish moose blessing.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!