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Daily Archives: February 25th, 2022

Just a hint of spicy, refreshing. My new fave beverage with probiotics.

For some local flavor, very near my house.

HEA installs Tesla Megapacks

We usually experience seasonal power outages, thankfully there haven’t been any very long term outages for our home, others in our area have had long term outages (more than 12 hours). Time will tell if these Megapacks make a difference locally. Most of our outages are caused by downed trees and ice accumulation, which isn’t going to be helped by this new addition I’m guessing.

I’m all for diversity and not having all our eggs in one basket. We have ample supply of natural gas here which seems folly not to utilize. A combination of solar, wind, natural gas seems like a good idea. I’d like to see our own grid here, not connected to the lower 48 at all. But then again I’d like to be completely off-grid myself so I suppose I’m biased!

It is kinda cool to drive by this installation and know what it is/does.