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Daily Archives: February 7th, 2022

A couple days ago I made some peanut butter date energy balls rolled in grated unsweetened chocolate. My new “not cookies” are pretty tasty. I could get used to this.

With the popularity of keto diets there are so many no sugar recipes these days. And a lot more low glycemic sweetener options too. I’ve got an entire board on Pinterest filling up like a virtual cookie jar. Hopefully this will help me stick to my plan.

These “Snickers” stuffed dates sound amazeballs and I must make them. That’s on the agenda for today.

I finally got that school paperwork caught up, well except for one thing that the oldest male child needs to do. But I’m caught up enough to move on. Next big thing on the paperwork list is starting the dreaded taxes. Oy. With Dean on snow removal schedule still I guess I’ll have time to get started.

Plus doing more hands on school stuff with the littles. Since it’s Monday I was thinking about trying a meatless Monday dinner idea. Maybe a veg curry & rice dish? But those butter chicken ingredients might just trump a veggie meal.

I’ve been avoiding dairy, mostly, for several days. I say mostly because I’ve had a couple of meals with a bit of parmesan sprinkles. Been subbing plant based cheese & sour cream replacements. Just to see if it helps finish cleaning up this excess mucus production.

Speaking of fake cheese, it sure has come a long way. I remember in the late 90s when I first started my dietary journey, vegan cheese was so funky tasting. And it turned to plastic if you tried to bake it on a pizza… 🙄 Now it comes in blocks, slices, shreds and sauces. Plus it melts nicely and offers a close enough mouth feel and taste that I don’t mind it. And most grocery stores stock it. Easy to source is always a plus.

So with a busy day ahead I’d better get to it. One more 🚫 sugar day!