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Hours, 7 Days a week. Never a day off=Mom Life

Today’s plan is to head to the Ninilchik job and see if we can get in. So much snow and wind, most likely drifted in…

Going to work was a bust. The driveway is too drifted in and the snow plows have the pull off buried. So it’s back home. I’ll get time to finish up that school paperwork now.

I loaded up my weekly supplements last night. I’m more likely to remember them when they are all ready to go. I’ve been hit and miss the previous couple of weeks. Hoping to get back into the daily habit. I added a colon cleanse capsule for the next week. With a little over an hour drive to work I’m already thinking maybe that wasn’t such a good idea…. 😳

Stuffed peppers for dinner tonight.


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