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On a roll.

One more day of snow removal for Dean means one more day home for me. Plus we have a new weather system hitting today that promises up to 6″ more snow from Nikiski south to Homer. Who knows when we’re going back to work!

I ended up with 9 quarts of turkey soup and three pints of dog food. There was enough leftover for a large pot of turkey & noodles last night. Which was a hit with the kids. (For the dog food I put everything in the jar that we didn’t eat, some skin, cartilage, small bones, scrapes of meat, organs and broth, and can it. She will get a spoonful of this mixed into her regular dog food for extra protein and taste. So one jar lasts a while. She loves it and there’s no waste!)

Today I’m going to take advantage of the canning stuff being out and work up a batch of something or other, time will tell what I come up with!

And also figure out dinner… All these other people in this house always want to eat. 🤷🏼‍♀️

If I get bored there’s always cleaning to do. 🙄


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