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Daily Archives: January 26th, 2022

Only because it’s 17. I’m not really dancing. Lol

Looking forward to a few days off and some R&R this weekend. Not sure how much R&R I’m going to get tho ’cause we’re cutting firewood.

We’re also forecasted to get more snow tonight, time will tell

Keeping our dinners zero added sugar has been a bit of a challenge. I didn’t realize how many times we used sweet Thai chili sauce, BBQ sauce, baked beans, etc that all have lots of sugar in them. So trying to keep to savory sauces without sugar has me trying some different things.

Tonight we had boneless skinless chicken thighs sauteed in oil with garlic then finished with a gf cream of mushroom sauce. Baked sweet potatoes and cheesey broccoli. Delicious and the kids loved it. No sugar! 😉

Like this one just right of center, grazing on alder.