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Daily Archives: January 18th, 2022

We’ve been working on a custom rec cabin down by Ninilchik off and on for two years. It belongs to our boss Jake and we work on it when there no other more pressing contracts.

It’s an open floor plan with a central vaulted ceiling. This light will be the centerpiece for the cabin.

It’s is of course meant to offer light but it’s mostly a decorative piece to bring that level of rustic Alaskana to modern times.

I used a piece of local Alaska White Spruce that we milled. I distressed it and sealed the 4×6. Then I repurposed a belt for two decorative straps and added some natural fiber rope to finish the straps.

Adding the decorative straps.

It’s hung by 4 eye lags capable of supporting over 100 lbs.

The lights are string Edison lights fixed by staples around the moose horns. Jake supplied the horns. I used my Makita cut off tool to cut the horns from the skull. I drill two holes in each paddle to attach them to the beam.

I lengthened the cord with a swag light kit to allow it to plug into the switch controlled ceiling outlet.

Temporarily hanging in my doorway.

I can’t wait to install it at the cabin. I’ll update with a picture once it’s installed.


Nine days in, feeling pretty good. Having fruit yesterday was so nice.

I’ve got the day off from work today while Dean does snow removal, it’s work at home day for me! I’ve got lots of files to upload for the kids’ school. I need to catch up on housework, oy. And it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day. Clear blue skies right now.

I made the salad for lunch that I’ve been talking about, y’all, it was amazing! The picture doesn’t do it justice!

Grapefruit, Avocado & Fennel Salad

Here’s the recipe I actually used. I substituted a pomelo for the grapefruit. It takes a bit for the prep, peeling the pomelo segments. The girls also enjoyed it. I will definitely make this again. I feel like I have a better appreciation for the flavors in this salad after being off sugar for a week.

Dinner tonight will be instapot chili from scratch.