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Daily Archives: January 1st, 2022

We hosted our friends last night for New Year’s, it’s become our annual tradition. They stay the night so no one has to drive home late at night in potentially inclement weather or with other unsafe drivers on the road. Then we have breakfast the next day, or lunch perhaps, depending on how long we sleep.

We had so much food last night! Both Mo and I made enough for an army! 😆 But 13 people is not army it seems. Lots of leftovers! But we had the good stuff!

Taquitos, egg rolls, wings, salmon ricotta crostini, buffalo chicken dip, beef Lil smokies, humus, veggies, cheese ball, chips, Texas Caviar, cows in carpets (what the kids have named our kosher hotdogs baked in crescent rolls), cherry bars, peanut butter cookies, candy, pistachio truffles, (with most of it being gluten free) and the drinks…. All the drinks. We had our very own junior “mix master” who whipped up some great mock tails for everyone to enjoy!

Jake came down with the dogs so the pups had a party of their own. Complete with hats and leis. (See previous post!) And after midnight he and the dogs went home (he lives across the street and up the hill).

I made two breakfast casseroles for brunch, a sausage-hasbrown & egg dish and stuffed banana bread french toast. Mo brought zucchini muffins and we had a refreshing peach shrug to drink, which happened to make a good belini with the left over prosecco from midnight! We make do!

We were creative with getting sleeping quarters set up for everyone but we did it! It’s a lot of fun to have our friends over like this. Reserved for special occasions (or very bad weather)!

It’s a great way to start the new calendar year! I hope yours was just as wonderful!

Panda has had too much party.
Party animals in the house.

No dogs we’re harmed in the making of these photos.

Happy New Year y’all. Woof! 🐾