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Monthly Archives: January 2022

When I’m hunting spruce hens.

Dean’s got snow removal today so I’m domestic. Finally getting that turkey soup canned. A little bit of cleaning and school paperwork.

Thinking more and more about needing to cut dairy out. I keep telling myself it won’t be that hard.



Three weeks today. 21 days.

One things for certain, I’m paying more attention to my body. This used to be normal everyday behavior for me. Guess I’ve really fell out of the habit. If nothing else, it’s been worth it to reconnect with myself. Now if I can be more proactive in listening to my onsies.

Today is jam-packed with things to do. Of course I must watch KC’s playoff game with Cincinnati. Make some crockpot mushroom pozole Verde soup, can up a big batch of turkey soup and broth. And maybe catch some snippets of the 49ers game later. Cut the big boy child’s hair. And straighten up my bedroom. Oy, I’m tired just thinking about it!

Seventeen years gone now.

Roses for Grandma, of blessed memory.
A beautiful sunset to end the day.

Twenty in different languages.

I’m 2/3 of the way through, 66% finished.

Another day. I’ve been enjoying my energy balls for a special sweet treat. I call them my “not cookie” cookies.

It was a pretty relaxing day really. Not much other than going to service. I needed a slow relaxing day.

Tides for fish camp 2022.

These days are flying by. I’m glad I finally committed to do this. I do feel better but I’m still hopeful for more positive results.

You know, things like clearer skin, less congestion/mucus, no bloating, maybe some weight loss. I realize I may need to continue this little experiment a tad bit longer, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

While I’m enjoying the fruit I’ve been eating I’m kindve hankering for some tasty treat that’s, you know, more like a cookie. I’ve found a few no sugar added recipes on Pinterest that I’d like to try.

Most sugarless recipes that I found call for a sugar alternative. While I’m not opposed to using monkfruit or erythritol later I’m not interested in using them during this 30 days. So I’m looking for a dried fruit based recipe. I found this one that I made sans chocolate chips plus hemp hearts. Pretty tasty.

I scored a big box of bell peppers for $10 at the local IGA and chopped a gallons worth for the freezer, a quart in the fridge, along with four large sliced up for dinner tonight. I also got a flat of mushrooms for $5, best deals ever. Dinner tonight is vegetarian fajitas with refried beans. We’ll have peppers, onions, mushrooms and jackfruit in our fajitas. Sour cream, guacamole and salsa with corn tortillas. I’m hungry now!

Woke up to three inches of fresh snow with it still coming down. ❄️

I’ve been trying to eat fruit with each meal or at least three times a day. I had some banana slices and blueberries with breakfast. I grabbed a smallish pale orange for lunch. We’ve been enjoying all these oranges and grapefruit. I peeled my orange and after the first bite realized I had a largish dark lemon. 🤪

So I’m behind on eating my fruits for the day. Need to double up now. Lol

Salmon for dinner. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice to drink.

I’m off tomorrow for an appointment. Looking forward to sleeping in a bit.

Only because it’s 17. I’m not really dancing. Lol

Looking forward to a few days off and some R&R this weekend. Not sure how much R&R I’m going to get tho ’cause we’re cutting firewood.

We’re also forecasted to get more snow tonight, time will tell

Keeping our dinners zero added sugar has been a bit of a challenge. I didn’t realize how many times we used sweet Thai chili sauce, BBQ sauce, baked beans, etc that all have lots of sugar in them. So trying to keep to savory sauces without sugar has me trying some different things.

Tonight we had boneless skinless chicken thighs sauteed in oil with garlic then finished with a gf cream of mushroom sauce. Baked sweet potatoes and cheesey broccoli. Delicious and the kids loved it. No sugar! 😉

Like this one just right of center, grazing on alder.