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This year marks 8 decades since the attack on Pearl Harbor. There are very few veterans of that era left. It’s up to the rest of us to teach their story to the next generation.

All history is important. It explains the how and why we got to where we are now. It allows us to take pride in our good deeds and more importantly, to learn from our mistakes. If we don’t teach a full history then we do ourselves, those who came before us and those yet to come a grave disservice.

This week we’ll be talking about WWII, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and many other details of that dark time. With one history buff in the household who loves this topic I’m sure we’ll be in for a lot of enlightenment!

This part of history is personal to us. My Grandfather served during this conflict. He was injured severely. By G-d’s Grace he recovered but the scars remained throughout his life.

When I was in Hawaii many years ago, I took the opportunity to visit the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and Pacific Historic Parks in Honolulu. It was very somber. There were people of all nationalities there, including Japanese. We are all connected to this history. The park has adopted the theme for this year’s commemoration: Valor, Sacrifice, and Peace.

Here are some resources for learning about Pearl Harbour.

NPS History

History Channel

Military History

Why Did the Japanese Attack?

Share your thoughts, links or resources in the comments.


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