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Daily Archives: November 25th, 2021

Good eats.

Today will be busy, to say the least. But I’ll take a moment to express my gratitude for those special people in my life. There are many, many people I could name but for brevity’s sake I’ll keep it to two groups!

My kids top the list of course. We have our challenges but each of them brings their own special something to our home. Their creativity, their wit, their uniqueness. I love them so.

Then there’s my bestest friends, my solstice sisters. They make everything right when we’re together. I can’t thank them enough for all the things.

There are others of course, many, which I hold dear. Today will be spent focusing on these blessings and the other 29 days worth of posts that bring joy and meaning to my life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

#grateful #thankful #blessed