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Daily Archives: November 16th, 2021

This past week marks my first decade being a dreadhead. 10 years. Wow.

A few years back, just got maintenance!

I love my locs. They are an integral part of me. I can’t imagine me without them anymore.

Salmonfest locs!

While Cletus was here she colored two of my locs with henna. They’ve turned a lovely shade of fiery red. I wouldn’t mind a whole head of them this color!!

Red dread.

They are in need of maintenance again but that will have to wait for spring.

Happy Dreadeversary to me!

#dreads #dreadhead #locstolove


Being able to stay home today and keep a watchful eye on Bergie has been a real blessing. It’s hard to focus on much else.

My Seester made it safely back to Dorothy Land. Very thankful.

Thankful I don’t live near Broad Pass which has a forecasted low of -50° F tonight.

Looking forward to the upcoming holiday meal and other celebrations!

#grateful #thankful #blessed