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Daily Archives: November 14th, 2021

Cletus flies home tomorrow. We watched football today up at Jakes. Then we went to Jane & Marion’s for a cooler and had a nice visit. Now we’re home watching funny pet videos and laughing so much. We’ve had a good time.

Moon rise over the Kenai Mountains.

I’m thankful to have had this visit. But dang I’m tired. Gonna have to go back to work to rest up. Lol

#thankful #grateful #blessed

Cletus gave me a new craft idea.

Cletus decided we needed to make these adorable little gnome garland strands. We ended up with 10 of the turquoise and 11 of the pink/black ones. Two kids made themselves a gnome. And we made three oddball gnomes for variety.

Getting started.
Making my first little gnome hat.

The hats are made by looping yarn around a paper towel tube that’s been cut down into 3/4″ rings, give or take.

The first finished gnome.

The beards are pom-poms glued into the hats. And a wooden bead for a nose.

I’ve never seen so many gnomes.

Cletus’ gnomes
My gnomes.
Cletus’ snow gnome, or just “S’nome”
My high hat gnomes.

They were a fun craft, lots of yarn cutting and pom-pom making silliness.

#crafts #gnomes #notbored #fiberart