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Daily Archives: November 7th, 2021

Daylight savings time has finally ended. I’m thankful for waking up at a normal hour without struggling to wake that extra hour early.

Most folks know how I detest the time change. I’m sure it’s nice for some but it doesn’t work so great up here. At least the sunrises a tad earlier.

Now it’s time for a cup of tea and catch-up day stuff.

#thankful #grateful #blessed #dst #akst #timechange


Having my Seester here is great, but we find ourselves too busy most of the time and I forget to make my post.

Yesterday we went to Shabbat service, which was very nice to be able to bring her to meet my faith family. Well the ones she hadn’t already met anyways.

After sundown we went out to eat with Mo and had a fun time. Lots of stories and secrets were told.

I am so thankful to have moments like these. My Seester and my friend, and tacos.

#thankful #grateful #blessed