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Daily Archives: November 5th, 2021

Kids noticed black smoke out our front window emanating from the trees so Claire and I went to investigate.

You know the delay in your brain that happens when you expect to see one thing (like a bonfire with tires) and there is something entirely different (a burning vehicle) and your not sure there’s a person in there or not? Yeah.

About the time my brain registered what was going on, there was a small explosion, probably the battery, which really startled me. Then my neighbor saw me and hollered at me to get away in case the gas tank explodes.

Time is so strange, it seems to happen so slowly but really it was just seconds.

So at least I knew the old Capt was okay, he was standing in the street. We were both on the phone with 911.

I’m so thankful that our neighbor seems to be okay and the fire didn’t spread to his cabin. The fire department arrived very quickly too.

#grateful #thankful #blessed