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Daily Archives: November 2nd, 2021

Another soggy day. If I can’t go to work and make money I might as well make food! More canning today, this time for the doggo. Expanding her food choices to include some chicken, and a lot more salmon.

I also need to get caught up on paperwork. Oy. I need a home version of the paperwork reduction act. Why is there so much paper??

I really appreciate these catch up days. I’m thankful to have the energy and drive to get things done, and thanks to Old Man Winter, the time to do it.

Weather forecast says more rain tomorrow before it turns colder and brings wintery mix. Oy. Maybe I’ll get my tulips and daffodils planted tomorrow?

All this rain has played havoc with our highway. Mudslide near Cooper Landing yesterday. Glad I don’t have to drive to Anchorage any time soon!!

#blessed #grateful #thankful