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Monthly Archives: November 2021

November is over. It feels like it’s just been a couple weeks. Time sure does fly.

In a few minutes it will be December and in no time 2021 will come to a close.

It was a busy month, jam packed with activity and fun! As well as a lot of work (at home) preparing for visits and holidays and such.

I’m feeling blessed. A fullness of love from my Seester’s visit and my Solstice Sisters party for my birthday.


Part of the fun of Hanukkah for us is eating different latkes every night. We are definitely not talking traditional here!

First Night we had smoked salmon, cream cheese and cranberry, rosehip, Crabapple chutney on our plain potato latke.

Second night we had Reuben latkes, so good. This is one of our family favorites each year.

Tonight we had Italian themed garden latkes (zucchini, onion and potatoes) with pesto and a mini beef patty. One kid didn’t like the pesto. The rest of the crew enjoyed them.

Tomorrow night I’m still unsure of. The kids want taco or pizza latkes. I’m ready for dessert apple-potato latkes with cinnamon sugar.

I guess time will tell which flavor we settle on.

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy 3rd Night!
More fun socks for my collection. I'm like Seeley Booth on Bones.
Happy 2nd Night!
N€rf W@r... Indoor exercise & fun

Lakes with cream cheese, smoked salmon and cranberry, rosehip chutney. Delicious!

First Night gifts, new socks for everyone. To remind them to follow the path of Torah.

And the pup got a new dreidel dog toy.

Love & Light to you this Festival of Lights!!

Hanukkah Sameach!!

Back in September when Niki was here, we foraged a lot of food. We picked abundant low-bush cranberries, rosehips and crabapples. I found the perfect recipe on Pinterest to make with all three them!

Over at The Backyard Forager I found this gem, Cranberry, Rosehip & Crabapple chutney. It’s amazing and very simple to make. One variation I made was to leave the rosehip seeds in and then put the cooked mixture through a ricer to make a smooth sauce. So much simpler than seeding those little hips.

It’s amazing with turkey.

Cooking the chutney.

I cannot wait to use it to top a latke with cream cheese & smoked salmon, it’s gonna be delicious!

I bet it’s wonderful on top of salmon croquettes too.

It’s going on some grilled chicken soon.

The possibilities are endless.

I can’t tell how good it feels to eat delicious food that you foraged yourself. Alaska feeds us so well.

Head over to The Backyard Forager, there’s a plethora of information there, recipes, online classes, and much more.

Amazing flavor, the intensity builds but not unpleasant. My new favorite, not sharing!!
Fancy coconut pudding thingies! We had a taco dinner for my birthday, kids got to play with friends and 3/4 of the Solstice Sisters got to visit in person with a cameo video from Niki. Another great birthday. 💖