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Daily Archives: October 25th, 2021

She’s like a little kid. Whenever I come home from the store she’s checking the bags and looking at me with those “did you gets me new toy?” eyes.

She may be a little spoiled. But I’d rather her chew up a cheap toy than my Birkies. Lol

She immediately goes for the squeekies. They drive her nuts. She just has to kill them.

Invincible toy! We’ll see about that…

So excited to get a new toy. We usually time her to see how long the squeeky lasts. The first one she popped about 7 minutes in. The second one lasted a little longer.

No more squeeky.

But she hasn’t completely destroyed the toy yet. It’s lasting a lit longer than some of the others have.

#doglife #squeekykiller #princesspup #pandabear