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Daily Archives: September 29th, 2021

Coffee is our drink. Without it we cannot think. 
We brew a pot in the morning & drink it up. Stop on the way to work for another cup.

And it’s guaranteed they had coffee that morning.

We drink it blended, hot or cold. The flavor never grows old.
Thermos, travel cup or disposable, we drink it wherever we go.

Wild Woman, The best coffee cup evah!

At home, the cabin or on the beach, There’s no place brewing is out of reach.

A noon time cup of Joe on a rainy day at Roscoe’s Pizza.

Coffee machine, french press, brew bags, or jet boil, build a fire do the work, it’s worth the toil.

Some days call for an extra large cup, dressed up.

When fishing buddies need a treat, it’s Irish Cream in their cup you sneak.
At work when tempers flair, a coffee break always clears the air.

Industrial size for lots of fishing buddies!

Every corner here a coffee stand, we have the most in the land.
There’s Allen Sisters, Kaladi’s, & True Blue,
Amore Mocha, Ammo Can & Brew 602.

A dirty chai at Brew 602 always tastes better with your Solstice Sisters!

Coffee snobs, café queens, call us anything you please.
We drink it black or dress it up, it’s always coffee in our cups!

Cuppa at Ammo Can with an important message, man.

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